We offer a stimulating, engaged respite stay where the health, safety and happiness of our residents are our highest priorities.

Respite Stay residents enjoy:

  • Exceptional quality of care
  • Fabulous dining options
  • The highest standards of cleanliness
  • Engaging & safe social programs
  • Beautiful surroundings & well-appointed apartment choices
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Respite Stays at Northbridge

Many families find a retreat stay – or respite stay to be a helpful introduction to life in a senior living community. A respite stay at Northbridge includes the full-service amenities residents experience every day, while allowing families or caregivers support and time away. A respite stay at Stonebridge is also a great choice while recovering from a health concern or when in need of additional assistance post rehabilitation.

Why wait? Try out all the benefits of community living at a Northbridge Community. Our fully-furnished apartment suites allow for a home-like feeling and an ease to jump right into our way of life. Respite Stay residents experience the companionship community living allows, with friendly neighbors next door to join you for dinner or the daily art and entertainment events.

Service, Simplicity, Serenity

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Fully furnished private apartment

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3 delicious Eat Fresh, Eat local meals daily

Social programs, exercise, happy hours and more!

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