Who should go through the experience?

  1. First Responders

    Police, Fire and EMT should know how to approach and interact with someone with dementia. Your actions and understanding can make a big difference in a crisis situation.

  2. Community & Healthcare Workers

    Case Managers, caregivers, senior living associates should all have a full breadth of knowledge in working with those with dementia and Alzheimer's. Apart from clinical understanding, this experience enhances one's emotional understanding.

  3. Families and Friends

    For those coping with the effects of dementia or Alzheimer's, the people closest - family and friends - should have a good understanding of what one may be experiencing. To have empathy in one's experience can make all the difference.

A Virtual Dementia Experience

Join My Journey allows participants to develop a deeper understanding of the physical and emotional hardships that those living with dementia experience on a regular basis. Participants will hear from an expert on dementia, then experience a simulation where you will be given tasks to complete. Finally, all participants will debrief to discuss how you felt, what you learned and how you will take Join My Journey into your everyday life.

Book your Join My Journey experience!

We're happy to schedule a private or group experience. Please contact us via this form to reach our community dementia teams. Thank you for your interest!

Thank you so much for this experience, I’ve been doing some things that you shared here, and I realized how tough it must be for my husband each day. I've learned a lot!
Kelly M. – resident wife