Eat Fresh, Eat Local is a Unique Signature Program that Focuses On:

  1. Foster Community Connections

    Working with local farms we are able to support the community while being a good neighbor to those around us.

  2. Fresh, Local & Seasonal Menus

    One of the best parts about life in New England is access to a variety of great local foods in every season.

  3. Enhancing the Mind and Body

    Food plays a large part in body and brain health and pay close attention to this when designing our menus to offer the best foods for the mind and body.

Supporting Local Serves Us All

Our communities collaborate with local growers and producers of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and seafood to create a dining experience that focuses on local tastes, freshness, and seasonal produce. We have learned over the years that age does not lessen the desire for fresh, quality dining, it often enhances it! We know our residents want to eat corn when it is fresh, not frozen or shipped from out of state. We know they are accustomed to fresh seafood, not processed and frozen offerings. We are proud to be able to offer this wonderful dining experience in all of our communities. Our chefs are some of the most creative in the New England culinary industry and are proud to source local ingredients from dozens of local farms and purveyors.

Our Eat Fresh, Eat Local Signature Program

Learn more about our Eat Fresh, Eat Local signature program and some of the community growers we partner with in our latest video! Special thanks to Gov. Dale Farm and farmer Josh for being featured in our video! Fun fact: Josh's grandfather was an Avita resident!

Everyone loves a meal prepared by Chef Craig!

Our Eat Fresh, Eat Local Signature Program allows our residents to enjoy fresh, seasonal and tasty foods while also supporting local farms and growers.

The staff at Stone Hill are amazing with the level of care they provide, extensive programming, and services. They are truly a community. Everyone knows the residents and greets them with kindness and joy every day. Dining is an exciting experience with attentive staff and delicious and healthy meals.
Holly S.
Daughter of Stone Hill Residents
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