Artists in Residence is a Unique Signature Program that Focuses On:

  1. Reflection

    Art offers an opportunity to reflect on the world around us, keeping us engaged in our surroundings and the community in which we live.

  2. Communication

    As we age our words may become harder to recall, artistic expression allows for a form of communication that does not go away as with age.

  3. Creativity

    Using a variety of artistic mediums residents are able to explore a new passion or advance their knowledge in a skill they have always enjoyed.

Sparking New Passions

On a global scale art is used to entertain, create awareness and foster acceptance of cultures. We created the Artists in Residence program to spark the creative interests of all Northbridge residents. Art enables us to grow, reflect and evolve in our understanding of ourselves, each other and the world we live in.

The exchange of information is most commonly accomplished using language, but what happens when words start to fail? It’s important to note that the exchange of information can take many forms: song, symbols, actions and even art.

Art provides a unique way to communicate with others. Artistic expression does not rely on the ability to recall words or phrases, but pulls from a more creative part of the brain. The ability to enjoy, view and create art is not something that can be taken away and can always be learned.

Benefits of our Artist in Residence program are: socialization, the opportunity to connect with new friends, activation of the senses, relaxation and inspiring creativity.

My mother-in-law enjoys the food and the kind staff very much. She enjoys her apartment but also partakes in book club, crafts and the shopping jaunts traveling on the Ledgewood van.
Karen S.
Daughter-in-Law of Ledgewood Bay Resident