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Jean and Eunice celebrate their friendship everyday!

Finding new friendships when moving into a senior living community may seem scary, we’re here to tell you about one of the many friendships that has continued to blossom in senior living. Any given day at Ledgewood Bay you will find Jean and Eunice spending most of their time together. Like most sets of friends at our communities they like to go to exercise classes together, sit at the same table at mealtime and you can usually find one bringing the other to try out a new program.

You might be thinking, ok but why write a feature about this set of friends? We love watching friendships blossom within our communities and all friendships should be celebrated but Jean and Eunice’s story is a little unique! Not only have they been friends since moving in, they’ve been friends since they were babies! Jean and Eunice are cousins who grew up spending a lot of time together, something that hasn’t changed since moving into Ledgewood Bay.

We sat down to talk with Jean and Eunice to learn more about their story, growing up as cousins and what their friendship has meant through the years. This interview was done with the help of Ledgewood Bay Program Director, George Silva and Program Assistant, Emelia.

Get to know this lifelong friendship

  1. How long have you lived at Ledgewood Bay?
    They have both lived at Ledgewood Bay for a few years but in Milford, NH all of their lives.
  2.  How close are you in age?
    Jean just turned 92 and Eunice is about two years older than Jean (or so Jean says).
  3. Did you grow up living close to each other and spending  time together?
    Jean lived in a house that was right off of the Milford Oval in the center of town. Eunice grew up in a house about two miles away on the outskirts of town and always had animals at her house. Jean would love to visit Eunice and see all the farm animals (goats, chickens, pigs). Since Eunice grew up with farm animals, Jean always says that Eunice was the country girl and she was the city girl.
  4. Is there a favorite memory that you’ve shared together?
    When they were young children, Jean and Eunice would sneak up to the roof of Jean’s parents house on the oval and throw small pebbles at passersby. They swear that nobody was ever hurt and they never got caught. They also loved to have picnics in the woods of Eunice’s house, they would invite friends from school to join them. They both attended the same school, just two grades apart.
  5. What is their favorite thing about the other?
    Eunice loves that Jean is always willing to jump in and  try anything. Jean says that always treating each other as family is the best thing that they share.
  6. What is your favorite activity to do together?
    The both agree that they are willing to try anything together, and that they love going out to eat with Eunice’s children and getting together with the rest of the family. Around Ledgewood Bay they love meeting people and are always happy to learn something new. From dancing and exercise to painting and cooking, if they’re together nothing is off the table!

The say that cousins and siblings are built in best friends and this couldn’t be more true for our friends Eunice and Jean.

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