Finding Friendship at Any Age

Lois and Terry

Starting over somewhere new will always bring about anxieties, from learning a new routine to adjusting to new surroundings and of course, meeting new friends. Moving into a senior living community is no different. Much like when your kid starts at a new school, you might wonder: will Mom or Dad make friends easily? How will they meet new people? Who will they sit with at lunch?

The good news? Working with Mom or Dad to make the decision to move to the community is your job, helping them feel comfortable and making friends when they get here is our job! Our associates get to know each new resident, their likes and dislikes what they did for work, where they have lived and traveled and we do our best to connect them with other residents with similar backgrounds and interests. You might worry about who Mom will sit with during her first meal in our Dining Room but most likely we already know just who she would enjoy dining with and we’ve arranged for them to sit together.

While some residents are guided into great friendships, others happen on their own. This is where we introduce Carriage House at Lee’s Farm residents, Terry and Lois! Terry and Lois happened to meet at a community meeting and bonded over a love of Bingo. We sat down with them to talk about when their friendship started, how it developed and why it’s so important to each of them. Watch the video for more insight on what it’s like to make friends in a senior living community and how amazing the connection can be!

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