Why You Should Be Using Social Media in Your Senior Living Job Search

why you should use social media in job search

Are you a caregiver searching for work in the senior living field? If so, you bring not only practical and technical skills but compassion and empathy as well. Not only do residents, their families and co-workers rely on you, your work has the ability to greatly impact the quality of life and daily enjoyment of others.

A senior living career is meaningful because employees can make a real difference. But the first step is to make sure you find the right community that will not only value the services you provide but also you as an individual.

Using social media for your senior living job search

In the digital age, social media is an integral employment tool. Studies show that up to 92% of companies use social media when they’re hiring. Three-out-of-four hiring managers have said they search a candidate’s social profile during the process.

Other advantages you may realize include:

  • Being more visible to recruiters
  • Having the ability to build your own network
  • Creating positive PR to showcase your work and talents

Source: The Guardian

Tips for an effective senior living job search with social media

Remember that you have an online presence and it is typically available for all to see. Consider these tips to create the best first impression and gain inside information so you can land the right job for you.

1. Google yourself to see what pops up

Be the first to know what your online life looks like or at least before any job recruiters do. If you need to delete information or tweak what is there, do it now.

2. Pay attention to your profile photos

Profile photos you use for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are always available for everyone to see. While employees have private lives, strive to keep your online identity respectable and professional.

3. Focus on LinkedIn as your primary social media platform while job searching

LinkedIn is the number one choice for most people looking for work and is where many recruiters will begin their search.

Make sure the setting on LinkedIn shows you are open to new job opportunities. Note the positions you’re interested in and any preferred locations.

4. Use social media to research organizations

Research the communities you’re interested in working for. Search for articles the company posts or any mentions of changes within. Discover who the leaders are and respond to their postings or comments.

5. Become an industry thought leader

Share articles or comments on the latest industry news on Twitter and join related groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. This will allow you to follow and contribute to conversations with your own well-thought-out comments and insight.

6. Build your network on LinkedIn

Search for professionals in your field and send an invitation to connect. Don’t use the generic message provided, however. Stand out by writing a personal request.

Source: Forbes

Additional advantages of social media in your senior living job search

One of the first things a hiring manager will do is look you up on social media. If you’re not there, it will seem peculiar or as if you’re behind the digital times. Make sure your online identity puts your experience and skills in the best light. It has now become part of the application process and you may be asked for your usernames.

Use social media to begin connecting with others and nurture those relationships. Don’t keep it a secret that you’re looking for employment. Use keywords to make it easy for recruiters to find you.

When deciding which organizations you would like to work for, use social media proactively. Visit third-party sites to read reviews or ratings from past or present employees to get an up-close view of what it might be like to join the ranks.

Consider these suggestions for three social media platforms:

LinkedIn: Before applying for jobs, make sure everything lines up. Does your resume match the information you have included on your profile? Make sure all job titles, company names and the dates of employment are the same. Use the Endorsements feature and ask past supervisors or others you’ve worked with to verify your skills or provide a testimonial.

Twitter: Remember that even though Twitter is often seen as an informal platform, you’ll still want your presence there to be professional and respectful. Use it to tweet about current news in senior living. It’s a great way to show you are interested in your industry and are ready to contribute.

Facebook: Even though Facebook was once only for social purposes and a way to connect with friends and family, many organizations are using it now to recruit and advertise their services. Check your privacy settings and don’t post any comments or photos you wouldn’t want a recruiter to see.

About Northbridge senior living communities

If you’re considering a caregiver career in senior living, we hope you’ll consider one of our communities. Residents of Northbridge Senior Living communities enjoy our Signature Program S.T.A.R. Club (Sharp Thinking, Active Residents) – which offers our residents several activities to participate in with others, including:

  • Daily exercise group
  • Walking club
  • Tai Chi & yoga
  • Nutritional classes
  • Library and book club
  • Museum outings
  • Artists in residence program
  • Multi-generational music
  • Genealogy Generations

If you are considering a career in senior living, we hope you’ll consider one of our communities. Our team of associates makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our residents, every day. Because of that, we treat our team like family and we’re happy to offer:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Direct Deposit
  • Vacation & Personal Days
  • Paid Holidays & Sick Time
  • Your Birthday Off
  • Health Insurance to Qualified Associates
  • 401k Company Match
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Ongoing Education
  • Associate Appreciation

View our careers website today to view open positions, what a day working at Northbridge is like, and why our associates love to work here.

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