Take Your Daughter To Work Day – Mother, Daughter & Best Friends

Take you Daughter to Work Day – Stonebridge at Burlington

On April 25 we celebrate National Take your Son/Daughter to Work Day and what better way to celebrate than getting to know some of the parent/child duos we have working at Northbridge!

From proud moments to honest feedback and inspiring stories there is so much that happens working alongside a family member.  We can’t wait to share a few of the experiences that happen within our Northbridge communities with you.

Mother/Daughter: Christa and Logan Jessop
Community: Stonebridge at Burlington

A little about Christa:

Christa is the Dining Room Manager and she also helps out with cooking. She has worked at Stonebridge since October of 2022.

A little about Logan:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Logan is a waitress in the dining room. She has worked at Stonebridge for a little over a year.

Questions for Christa:

  1. What is your favorite part about working with your daughter? 
    I love being able to work with Logan because I can keep an eye on her, and the fact that it’s more time that I get to spend with her. I also worked with my mother when I was her age and I think that it shows her that it’s important to work hard and that you have to work for things that you want. I also love that when I come home from work she asks me how my day was and she fully understands what I am talking about.  I like that she knows I am her boss at work and at home, she understands that just because she is my daughter doesn’t mean she gets different treatment.
  2. A moment at work you felt proud of your daughter?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
    I was hesitant to have Logan start working. I was worried about how she was going to balance work and school work. I was also worried because of COVID and how she was doing work at home for school and Logan had a lot of social anxiety. It was hard for her to communicate with people she didn’t know. There was one night, I want to say maybe a month after she started and I was in the dining room door way and I was watching her take residents orders and having quick chit chat with them and how polite she was to the residents and showing how much she cares for them. Just like she did with my Mother when she was alive and my Father now. I love to watch her talk to the residents and help with taking them to their room if they need help. Another time was when she saw a resident seem not like herself. She sat next to her and asked if she was ok. The resident started talking to her and explaining to her that she felt a little lonely. Logan walked with her to her apartment and sat and just had a conversation with her until the resident was calm and smiling. Still to this day Logan and her always give each other hugs and Logan asks her all the time if she needs to talk. Another resident is always asking me ‘Where is my Logan?’ I tell her that she is in school, she’ll say ‘okay, you know I love her.’ There are so many reasons to that I am proud to work with Logan that I can go on and on. However, the most would be how much it has changed her and how much she loves and looks forward to working.
  3. One thing you admire about your daughter and her work?
    I admire seeing how much she has changed from the first week to now. She has become such a strong waitress and I am in awe at watching her. She helps her co-workers and I see how she has overcome so many things and the growth she has had in the past year. Watching her carry 6 plates on a large tray out to the dining room, I love it! I say to myself, that is my girl!

Questions for Logan:

  1. What is your favorite part about working with your mother?
    I think the best part of working with my mom is watching her interact with the residents and how much she cares for them.  I also like to watch how she can adjust to any job that needs to be done. She has the ability to be able to be part of the waitstaff, to being the Dining Room Manager and jumping in and cooking and doing dishes. I like that she does not treat me any different compared to others we work with because she is my mom. She treats everyone the same and a few of us, not just me, call her Mom.
  2. A moment at work you felt proud of your mom?
    I can’t think of just one moment I have been proud of my Mom. I am proud of her everyday. I was able to see how much my mom cared for seniors when she took care of my Mimi. I see how much she cares for our residents just like she took care of Mimi. I see that she wants them to enjoy the time that they are in the dining room and she works hard to get myself and my co-workers to do the same.
  3. One thing you admire about your mom and her work?
    I always admire my Mom everyday. I think I can say that it is because she cares so much for the residents and only wants them to be happy and enjoy coming to the dining room. I admire her attention to detail and how she wants the dining room to look like a 5 star restaurant because this is what our residents deserve.

Questions for Christa and Logan:

  1. How long have you worked in senior living?
    Christa: After I graduated High School back in 1991 I worked at one of the first communities at New Horizons in Woburn where I started out just like Logan and by the time I left to have my second child I was the Culinary Director, I worked there until 1996. Throughout my career working with TSA for 18 years and doing nails I always said that working at New Horizons was my favorite job and I was determined to get back to it. I was so excited when I found an opening here at Stonebridge. Combined between the both of us 10 years. 
    Logan: I have been working at Stonebridge for just over one year.
  2. What is the best part about working together?
    Christa: Everything. Logan is not only my daughter but she is my best friend.
    Logan: I think being able to see each other in and outside of work. We get to have conversations about things and how our days at work are. I also like our rides to work when we listen to our country music to get ready for the day.
  3. What are your favorite parts about working in senior living and Stonebridge  at Burlington?
    Christa: I love, love , love working with the elderly and always have. My mother passed away in 2018 and myself and my father took care of her after her second stroke that left her right side paralyzed. When she passed away I was at a loss of not having the responsibility of taking care of someone. I was so happy to get this job so I can combine my love for working in a kitchen and working with the elderly. You can learn so much from the residents, I love hearing what they did and learning about their families. I look at them all as my parents.
    Logan: I love working with the residents. A few of them consider me their granddaughter and I love them like they are my grandparents. I love listening to their stories and the drama that goes on. It’s funny. I have become very close to most of them, it’s hard not to.

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