4 Best Practices for Getting the Senior Living Job

4 Best Practices for Applying, Interviewing & Getting the Senior Living Job

Northbridge Talent Acquisition Specialist, Shaunda Belanger, is instrumental in making sure our communities get matched with the best candidates for open positions. Part of this process means that she talks to many potential candidates to make sure that they will be a great fit for our company before passing them along to our community teams for follow-up interviews.

We’ve asked Shaunda to share her 4 Best Practices when it comes to applying for, interviewing with, and getting the senior living job.

The Best Way to Apply

It is best to apply online, this gives us the opportunity to look through your application and resume and find a time that works best for everyone to speak to you about the job and what it means to be part of Northbridge. Applying in person, at the community, is always an option but you never know if you’ll be able to catch the people you need to speak with at a good time. All our candidates, regardless of if they come in person or not, are required to fill out an online application.

Tips for Phone Screening Interviews

Phone screenings can be nerve wracking, one thing to keep in mind – if you are speaking to a recruiter, most of us got into this role because we love talking to people so asking us a question about our personal experience with the company will delight us!

Here are my other tips for the phone screening process:

  • Have your resume or work history in front of you – sometimes nerves will cause you to forget dates or names of previous work experiences.
  • Find a quiet space – this is best for both parties, it allows you as the interviewee to concentrate and allows us to talk with you without distraction.
  • Be engaged and friendly – it doesn’t matter what role you are interviewing for; we are looking for someone who will make our residents feel comfortable and is easy to engage with. One-word, short answers don’t give me the confidence that you will be friendly with our residents
  • Have a few questions ready – questions like, what is the culture like at the community, what benefits can I expect, what would your ideal candidate be, are great open-ended questions that allow you to learn more about your potential community. It also tells me that you are engaged and excited to learn more about the role, community, and company.

The Interview

Interviewing for a job can seem intimidating, here are my tips for setting yourself up for success heading into an in-person interview:

  • Dress professionally – you don’t need to be dressed to the nines, but your clothes should be clean and neat.
  • Leave the phone behind – leave your cellphone either in your car or in your bag, if you must bring it into the interview with you, make sure it’s on silent. It is important to show that you are able to work without distractions.
  • First impressions – we call this 90-90-90 rule: 90 percent of a person’s first impression occurs within 90 seconds and within 90 feet. So, make sure you are making eye contact, smiling genuinely, and make sure the person interviewing you feels that you are engaged in the interview.
  • On the spot observation- if you are getting a tour of your potential community and come across residents, smile and greet them authentically and warmly. Our residents’ happiness is top priority so if we see you genuinely interacting with them, we know that you care.

Follow up

The process for following up can start right at the end of your interview. Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer questions like, “What is the timeline I should expect to hear back” and “how would you like me to follow up with you”. Before leaving the interview, make sure you have the contact information for anyone at the community you have met in the interview process. Since most directors in senior living are not always at their desks, an email is the easiest method to follow up but a phone call is always welcome. Following up show that you have continued interest in the position.

These tips are great for anyone looking to start a career in senior living as a member of our front-line staff or anyone who currently works in senior living and is interested in joining our amazing Northbridge family.

Shaunda is always excited to talk with candidates interested in learning more about what makes working at Northbridge so special. If you find yourself on the phone with Shaunda, don’t be afraid to ask her about the Northbridge culture, and why she loves being part of the Northbridge family – she will have lots to share!

Interested in learning more about a job at a Northbridge community near you, connect with Shaunda on LinkedIn!

View our careers website today to view open positions, what a day working at Northbridge is like, and why our associates love to work here.

As a New England senior living company, we pride ourselves in being the local choice for families in need of assisted living or memory care. We look to our teams of associates to truly make our communities home for our residents. Whether that’s a helping hand or a moment to listen to a story, our associates are dedicated and compassionate. With 18 communities in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we hope you’ll find your home here too. If you already love what you do, and want to love where you work, apply now! We look forward to meeting you.

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