Caregiver Series: The Fight Against Alzheimer’s

When Avita of Wells Resident Care Associate, Kory, first created his fundraising page with The Alzheimer’s Association he had no idea how much of an impact and just how much money he would go on to raise. Working at Avita of Wells (a dedicated memory care community in Wells, Maine) Kory see’s first hand the impact that Alzheimer’s and dementia have on the person living with the disease and their family.

Working so closely with residents at Avita, Kory knew the impact that raising both funds and awareness of Alzheimer’s could have so he dove right in!

Kory set his initial goal at $2,500 which, to him, seemed like a bit of a high goal. With the help of supportive friends and family, as well as contributions from local businesses in the community, Kory was able to raise $10,500 for The Alzheimer’s Association!

We talked with Kory about  the secret to his successful fundraising and why the cause is so special to him. Read to learn more about how Kory was able to raise so much money and the many people who helped along the way!

1. What is your favorite part about working at Avita of Wells?

I enjoy working at Avita because of all the residents, being able to help them, and putting smiles on their faces. The job is so rewarding and I love to help people.

2. What motivates you to go into work everyday?

On top of the residents, my coworkers are great as well. It is a fun environment, I enjoy my time at work.

3. What inspired you to start fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Association walk?

I was invited to join our fundraising team at Avita of Wells. I set up my account and set a goal of $2,500. At first that goal seemed really high. As a fun way to raise money, my girlfriend suggested that I put a bucket out at one of the local restaurants where I bartend, Litchfield’s Bar and Grill. The restaurant not only liked the idea but wanted to help. The owners mother had Alzheimer’s so it was a cause close to their heart. The bar ran a drink special, a blueberry margarita (purple to support the cause). The owners donated $2 from every drink – they sold almost 700 drinks!

This provided the inspiration and momentum to get other local businesses involved. I was fortunate to get such a great response with community involvement.

A few of the creative ideas were:

  • A local gym did a burpee fundraiser where each coach did burpees for how much money they had in their jars.
  • I reached out to more restaurants and was able to find another one to run a drink special-the drink specials raised $1,500
  • I reached out to more local gyms and got participation

4. Why is it so important to you to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association?

I’ve never had any personal/family relations to it, but this year really was special to me. It was seeing people go out of their way to donate that made it so much more meaningful. I had a gym member donate $1,000 on her own, I had a regular at the bar who donated because they had someone that they know who has it. The amount of people I’ve reached out to and the amount of stories and connections I’ve heard from during the fundraising process means so much to me!

5. What advice would you give another Northbridge associate for fundraising?

No goal that you set is too high. Last year I started off with a goal of $2,500 and I never thought I’d get it. My girlfriend really believed in me and I was able to raise double my goal. This year I wanted to double that. There was a point when I was a little bit fearful of not making my goal, but things kept rolling, and yet again I hit my goal. There is no goal that is too high, just keep working at it and believing in it

Now for the information we’ve been waiting for, how much money were you able to raise in support of the Alzheimer’s Association?

In total I was able to raise $10,500 in support of the Alzheimer’s Association and The Walk to End Alzheimer’s!

In celebration of his successful fundraising efforts, Kory has been invited to speak at his local Walk to End Alzheimer’s event in Maine.

We are so proud to have Kory as part of our Northbridge family and we can’t wait to see all that he will accomplish both as a Resident Care Associate within our company and a valued member in the fight to raise awareness and funds in support of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Thank you to the many local businesses that supported Kory in his fundraising efforts:
Mike’s Clam Shack
Litchfield’s Bar and Grill
For Time Fitness
Crossfit KGB
Humble Hill
Crossfit Amoskeag
Ramsdell’s Barbershop

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