Becky Aubut Growth Story

A Northbridge Career Growth Story

Meet Becky Aubut – Resident Care Director

At Northbridge we are proud to foster a culture of opportunity and growth for our associates as they learn about life in the community, working with our residents and about the senior living industry. Many of our associates have been able to thrive and grow with us and we are excited to share their stories with you!

Years at Northbridge: 2 years
First job at Northbridge: Wellness Nurse
Current job:  Resident Care Director (RCD)
Community: Autumn Glen

Her story of growth:

  1. How long have you worked for Northbridge?
    I have been part of the Wellness team since February 2022.
  2. What made you want to apply for a job in senior living?
    My path in healthcare was not a straight road. I have an English degree in Writing/Communications from UMass Dartmouth and was a journalist for almost 20 years. I was a photographer, as well; so, both writing and photography translated into a lovely career of being immortalized in print while raising my three children. I became a nurse almost four years ago, right as my youngest daughter was graduating high school, and while I have worked in both assisted living and nursing homes, I genuinely love working with seniors in an assisted living setting because it allows for more personal interaction.
  3. What was your first role at Autumn Glen? What is your role now?
    I was hired as a Wellness nurse; I became RCD in September 2023.
  4. What have you learned about senior living as you’ve grown in your career at Northbridge?
    I’ve learned that every resident comes to reside in our community for different reasons, and each resident has their own backstory. Not every resident is fully happy when they walk through our doors to live at Autumn Glen, but once they settle in, it’s like they’ve always been part of the community. I have been part of the community long enough to see more than half the current residents move in and thrive through creating personal connections with staff and other residents.
  5. What is the most rewarding part of your job?
    Our Avita community is undoubtedly the most rewarding, albeit most challenging, part of the job. Seeing residents move in to be part of the assisted living community, and then decline to a point they need additional care that only Avita can provide can be heartbreaking, but to see those residents age in place and thrive is the best part of being at Autumn Glen. To walk alongside each resident and be a supportive piece in their dementia journey is a privilege.
  6. What would you say to someone who is thinking of starting a job in Senior Living?
    I think the biggest misconception regarding seniors is that they are old and have not much to offer in his or her twilight years, and if you engage and provide hands-on care to a senior, you will see it’s far from the truth. Each senior has lived a rich life, and seeing friendships blossom among residents and staff is a reward, unto itself.
  7. What differentiates Northbridge from other companies?
    Autumn Glen is the third assisted living community I have worked in and the second one as a nurse. Each model was different, but the Northbridge model is multi-layered in such a way that all efforts are focused on residents and its staff, from care to safety to day-to-day activities. I do not say this because I work here, but I say this from the perspective of being someone who has worked for other companies; Northbridge has the model that runs the best when it comes to resident care and safety.
  8. Can you describe how your responsibilities have changed as you’ve grown in your new position?
    I took on the RCD position because I wanted to grow and learn more as a nurse, and to hone my skills as a leader. As a wellness nurse, you supervise but as an RCD, you both supervise and lead. When interviewing for the RCD position, it was made clear to me that the role of RCD is a lot, and they were not kidding! I have had to adapt to a daily way of thinking and even if you have a day off, you never truly have a day off. I am six months into the new role, and we are still working to fill open nurse positions, which means I haven’t been able to fully immerse myself in the RCD role but that’s all part of the job.
  9. What have you learned in your new job since being promoted?
    I continue to learn all the additional layers that being a director brings to the role of nursing at Autumn Glen. I have rewired my brain to look at issues from a completely different perspective. I am plugged in daily, even if I’m not in the community. I will forever be a work in progress because of the ever-changing needs of the community, and I’m fully buckled in to enjoy the ride.


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