Why you should consider a Winter Retreat Stay – 9 FAQs

All of the recent winter weather might have you thinking, I need a retreat – someplace warm, sunny, maybe even by the beach. No worrying about freezing pipes, driving in bad weather, and most importantly – no shoveling!

All of the recent winter weather might have you thinking, I need a retreat – someplace warm, sunny, maybe even by the beach. No worrying about freezing pipes, driving in bad weather, and most importantly – no shoveling!

We can’t help with the warm, sunny, beachy part – but we can help you worry a little less this winter!

Although you may think of a retreat as something similar to what we mentioned above – warm, sunny, beachy – what you are really looking for is a little bit of a break from everyday stressors.

This is where we can help!

I’m going to mention a few hypothetical situations, you let us know if any of them seem familiar or are on your list of ‘everyday stressors’:
  1. Mom has started requesting a ride at night because she’s not as comfortable driving in the dark.
  2. Last time you visited dad you noticed a pile of microwave meals in his freezer.
  3. When visiting Mom, you had to remind her to turn off the teapot more than once.
  4. Dad can’t remember the last time he left the house to attend an event or activity.
  5. You’ve sent your husband and son out in the middle of a storm to shovel moms driveway.
If any of these sound familiar to you, you might be in need of a Winter Retreat Stay with us.

New England winter can be a cold, dark and isolating place – especially if you live alone. Sometimes the most dangerous part about winter for seniors is isolation. Be sure to check out our blog on the difference between loneliness and isolation to learn more. We find so much purpose in feeling part of a larger community and understanding that we are able to participate in the betterment of that community. A winter retreat stay with us provides purposeful engagement opportunities that allow residents to feel part of a community.

So why should you consider a Winter Retreat Stay? Easy, we take care of all the shoveling!

Need something more to convince you? Ok, here are a few other benefits of a Winter Retreat Stay at our community:
  • 3 Eat Fresh, Eat Local meals every day prepared by our chefs.
  • Engaging programs focused on our 4 Pillars of Engagement: To Move, To Feel, To Connect and To Learn. Click here to view a sample calendar from our community, Autumn Glen at Dartmouth.
  • A fully furnished and decorated private apartment.
  • A dedicated care team available 24/7.
  • And so much more – we encourage you to speak to one of our advisors to learn about why a Winter Retreat Stay could benefit you and your family.
Here are FAQ’s about a Winter Retreat Stay answered by members of our team:

1. Why should I consider a Winter Retreat Stay for my loved one?

Winter is cold, isolating and lonely. Residents enjoying a Winter Retreat Stay are able to participate in our programs and enjoy  the services and amenities our communities have to offer. From engaging programs like Barre Balance Class and Artist in Residence to social events like live music and happy hour – there are so many opportunities to meet new friends. Our Housekeeping team comes in to clean once a week and there is a maintenance team available for any needs that arise. The biggest benefit for you as a family member is there is no need to worry about the weather, we take care of all shoveling and snow removal needs – even clearing off a residents car. Our community teams will work with you to make this an easy experience that allows you to avoid the worries of winter while also allowing your mom or dad to experience life at one of our communities.

2. My loved one has memory issues – are they eligible for a Winter Retreat Stay?

At Northbridge we have an amazing memory care program called Avita. We are able to offer Winter Retreat Stays in our Avita neighborhoods for those who would benefit from memory care. To get a better sense of where your mom or dad would thrive at our community, we will have a nurse come out and assess them to figure out if they would be a better fit for our Assisted Living or Avita Memory Care neighborhood.

3. Will my loved one have access to the same care services as residents in the community?

Yes, your loved one will have the same access to care as our residents. As with all of our residents, your loved one will receive an emergency call pendant for use should they have an urgent need for care. Our care associates are available 24/7.

4. How do I find out what type of care my loved one might need?

When our nurse comes to do an assessment they will also begin to develop a care plan.  This care plan will outline any assistance that they think the retreat stay resident will be need.

5. If care needs change during the retreat stay, what happens?

If there is any change to the care plan while your loved one is enjoying a retreat stay with us, our nursing team will asses the care needs and modify the care plan as changes occur.

6. Will I hear from the care team at the community during the retreat stay?

Yes, you will have regular communication with the care team at the community.

7. How often can I expect to hear from and visit the community?

You are welcome to visit your loved one anytime you would like while they are staying with us. We encourage families to visit for classes, events and meals in our dining room.

8. What should my loved one pack for a Retreat Stay?

We suggest packing clothes for a week and bringing any favorite pictures, blankets or pillows to make the apartment feel just like home!

9. How long is a retreat stay and can I extend it?

We offer retreat stays from 30 to 60 days. We find that after 60 days retreat stay residents are usually excited to transition into full time residents and a permanent part of our community.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a Winter Retreat Stay at our communities, we encourage you to reach out to the helpful advisors at our communities.

Click on the community to learn about a Retreat Stay at any of the communities mentioned below:
Autumn Glen at Dartmouth
Bayberry at Emerald Court
Carriage House at Lee’s Farm
Ledgewood Bay
Stafford Hill
Stone Hill at Andover
Stonebridge at Burlington


We’re here to answer any of your questions. Please contact us if we can provide further information or if you would like to schedule a personalized tour. Download our complimentary Family Decision Toolkit.


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