What Is Independent Living?

What is independent living

Active adults desiring a lifestyle to support their retirement goals without the stress of homeownership may not realize there is a type of senior living designed just for them.

If you thought communities were only available for those who need assistance or are unable to live alone, you’ll be delighted to discover the advantages of independent living.

What Is Independent Living?

An independent living community is planned for those adults who live independently and don’t require assistance – yet are searching for a more active, fulfilling and convenient life.

If you’re ready to launch a new and engaging adventure, this may be the perfect fit. Take a look at the answers to the following questions to define what you’ll discover if you make an independent living community your home.

1. It’s an accessible and private home

Is your current home in need of a renovation or repairs in order to make it age-friendly? Many adults discover their house was not designed to support aging-in-place.

Instead of living through an expensive construction project, you might want to consider an independent living community where you’ll find your new home is move-in ready. Created for accessibility and ease of living, it can also be personalized to make it your own.

2. It’s a community filled with activities

You are an active individual who understands the health consequences of remaining connected. But while you want to stay engaged, you may be finding it more difficult to do so.

An independent living community provides a monthly calendar of activities and social events for you to choose from. Your only challenge may be in finding enough hours in the day to enjoy everything you like.

3. It’s encouragement to meet your wellness goals

You know it’s essential to remain fit, in both body and mind, but it can become more of a challenge to accomplish this as you grow older. Finding the opportunities, classes or gyms that tailor their programs for the older adult can become difficult.

Moving into an independent living community makes it much easier to achieve your wellness goals. Fitness centers or classes are provided to meet your needs so you can stay in shape, both physically and cognitively.

Download our complimentary guide Choosing the Right Senior Living Community: A Step by Step Guide for Making an Informed Decision.

4. It’s incredible dining options

You’ll enjoy a full-sized kitchen in your new home but what about those times when you’re just not in the mood to cook? It couldn’t be simpler if you make independent living your home.

Waiting right outside of your door, you’ll discover delicious dining options that will appeal to your nutritional needs as well as your palate. You’ll have many menu selections and the accommodation of any dietary restrictions.

5. It’s an opportunity to make new friends

After leaving the work world or no longer being involved in other activities, many older adults find it more difficult to meet new people and make friends.

Another great benefit that independent living offers? The variety of opportunities provided for you to meet the other residents and begin forming close relationships. Whether it’s at activities, dining or crossing paths in the common areas, making friends has never been easier.

6. It’s safety and security

You may not feel as safe as you once did in your home or neighborhood. Your house may need repairs or you might be worrying about navigating all those stairs.

With independent living, you’ll discover additional security features in both the community and in your personal residence. It is also greatly reassuring to residents and their families to know that someone is there if help should ever be needed.

7. It’s support to remain independent

While you remain in control of your life and make all your decisions, independent living residents also appreciate a community that supports this lifestyle.

Whether it’s the scheduled transportation offered for those who no longer drive, the accessible design found throughout the community or the on-site opportunities to interact socially, living your best life is supported.

8. It’s a simple and maintenance-free lifestyle

It’s not surprising that many retirees are ready to relinquish the responsibilities of homeownership and maintenance. Your new lifestyle will provide just that.

Imagine no longer having to spend time with upkeep, hiring companies to complete repairs or to take care of the lawn. You will have many opportunities to use your time to engage in activities that you enjoy – not chores.

Discover life at a Northbridge community.

If you’re considering senior living for yourself or a family member, we hope you’ll visit one of our communities. You’ll find a maintenance-free, activity-filled and engaging lifestyle to help support your wellness goals.

You’ll also discover many benefits in a Northbridge Senior Living community, including our Signature Program S.T.A.R. Club (Sharp Thinking, Active Residents) – which offers our residents several activities to participate in with others, including:

  • Daily exercise group
  • Walking club
  • Tai Chi & yoga
  • Nutritional classes
  • Library and book club
  • Museum outings
  • Artists in residence program
  • Multi-generational music
  • Genealogy Generations

We’re here to answer any of your questions and invite you to download our complimentary guide Choosing the Right Senior Living Community: A Step by Step Guide for Making an Informed Decision. Please contact us if we can provide further information or if you would like to schedule a personalized tour.

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