What Can You Expect in Assisted Living

what you can expect in assisted living

You know your parents need a helping hand with the tasks of daily living but you want to make sure they have access to amenities that can provide much more than that.

Where can you turn?

An assisted living community can be the perfect choice for ensuring your loved ones will not only receive the basic help they need but also the opportunities for them to achieve a higher quality of life.

What is an assisted living community?

An assisted living community is a type of senior living that supports their residents to continue living independently.

Services can include assistance with bathing, dressing or managing medications. They not only provide private residences but also activities and healthy dining options so your loved ones will have everything they need – on-site – to enjoy an engaged life.

The benefits and services you’ll discover at an assisted living community

Take a look at a few of the advantages your parents will find when they make an assisted living community their home:

1. Private and accessible residence

Your loved ones can still enjoy living in their own home but will have no worries about renovating to make it accessible. They’ll appreciate the maintenance-free lifestyle that allows for them to focus their time on activities they enjoy – not house or yard work.

2. Support with daily tasks for independent living

One of the great advantages of an assisted living community is that your parent will be supported to continue living an independent life. Residents appreciate no longer having to rely on family or friends for help and can instead just enjoy their company.

The community’s staff provides assistance with daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing and grooming and your loved ones are reassured that help is always there if needed.

3. Activities and social events

As we grow older, we can become more at risk for loneliness or social isolation because of losing family or friends, health challenges or a lack of transportation. An assisted living community takes care of that.

You’ll discover a monthly calendar of activities and a variety of social events so your loved ones will have many choices to engage with others and keep themselves connected.

4. Healthy and delicious dining

Was your parent able to continue planning, shopping and preparing healthy food? Or have they been substituting snacks or even skipping meals altogether? Nutrition remains critical as we grow older but it can be more of a challenge to keep a healthy diet.

Assisted living communities provide chef-prepared meals and your loved one will be able to choose between a wide variety of menu selections. Any special dietary needs will also be accommodated.

Download our complimentary guide Choosing the Right Senior Living Community: A Step by Step Guide for Making an Informed Decision.

5. Fitness classes

Staying in shape for both the body and mind is critical as we grow older, but the opportunities to do so can become more of a challenge. If transportation is also difficult, it can be even harder to meet our wellness goals.

An assisted living community typically provides either a fitness center or classes so your parent can easily participate in exercises tailored to meet the needs of an older adult.

6. Scheduled transportation

When older adults no longer drive they often feel as if they are missing out. Depending on whether there are alternative transportation options available, they may instead begin just staying at home.

If your loved ones move into an assisted living community, they no longer need to worry about how to get to their medical appointments, go shopping or join in with others at a fun event.

7. Added safety and security features

It’s not uncommon for older adults to begin worrying more about their safety and security while living at home. They may be navigating stairs and steps or become increasingly concerned about what they would do if they fell or became injured and were alone.

An assisted living community provides not only security features for the community and individual residences but also offers assistance whenever needed.

Enjoying a higher quality of life at an assisted living community

An assisted living community can be a lifeline for those individuals who still have much to give and to live for. Once they have the helping hand that they need, their world opens up to untold possibilities.

The friendliness of the staff and neighbors replaces the loneliness. No longer do they miss out on good nutrition as they sit down to delicious meals with new friends. Boredom is no longer a part of life now that they can participate in the many activities.

Many residents and their families make an unexpected discovery after settling into their home in an assisted living community. They begin to experience and create a higher quality of life.

Discover life at a Northbridge community.

If you’re considering senior living for yourself or a family member, we hope you’ll visit one of our communities. You’ll find a maintenance-free, activity-filled and engaging lifestyle to help support your wellness goals.

You’ll also discover many benefits in a Northbridge Senior Living community, including our Signature Program S.T.A.R. Club (Sharp Thinking, Active Residents) – which offers our residents several activities to participate in with others, including:

  • Daily exercise group
  • Walking club
  • Tai Chi & yoga
  • Nutritional classes
  • Library and book club
  • Museum outings
  • Artists in residence program
  • Multi-generational music
  • Genealogy Generations

We’re here to answer any of your questions and invite you to download our complimentary guide Choosing the Right Senior Living Community: A Step by Step Guide for Making an Informed Decision. Please contact us if we can provide further information or if you would like to schedule a personalized tour.

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