What a Day in the Life of a Memory Care Resident Is Like

Families considering whether a memory care community would be the right choice for a loved one living with Alzheimer’s disease or other form of dementia may have questions concerning daily life in the community. It can be stressful if you don’t know what to expect.

We can help.

It’s reassuring to better understand how memory care residents typically spend their days. The following descriptions can help you decide if a community could be a good fit for your loved one.

The daily life of a memory care resident

Communities offer person-centered or directed care and support the individual preferences and abilities of their residents. The daily life of a resident will be unique but the following can provide an idea of what your loved one might experience.

1. Waking up to a new day

Memory care residents choose when and how they would like to start their day. They are not required to meet a community’s schedule or rise and shine at a pre-determined time. When ready, your loved one will have assistance from a specially trained staff member to provide a helping hand to begin the day.

2. Enjoying breakfast

Your loved one will enjoy a variety of breakfast choices, whether the mood is for a light meal or a heartier beginning. Residents are accompanied to the dining room and receive assistance if needed. They also have the advantages of getting healthy nutrition as well as the benefits of social interaction with others.

3. Morning fitness activities

One popular activity for memory care residents is to join in fitness or exercise classes, benefiting both the body and the mind. Communities typically have a fitness or activity director that plans the routines and ensures each option can be suited to meet the abilities and needs of the individual resident.

4. Leisure time

Memory care residents may decide to relax or engage in a leisure activity. Communities offer several options, including taking a walk or working in the outdoor garden. It’s also the perfect time to join the other residents in pet or art programs or enjoy the benefits of reminiscent therapy.

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5. Time for lunch

Memory care communities understand the importance of healthy nutrition. Lunchtime can offer lighter fare such as soup and sandwiches or something from the grille. We also recommend families or friends join their loved ones whenever possible. This allows them to spend quality time with a loved one and get to better know the other memory care residents.

6. Afternoon activities

Social isolation and loneliness are serious threats to both physical and cognitive health. Those living with dementia can often isolate themselves or feel separated from others. But your loved one will enjoy a calendar of activity choices. There is no boredom in memory care. Afternoon is also a great time to visit with family and friends.

7. Games or relaxation

Before dinner, many memory care residents enjoy participating in a fun game, conversations with others or joining in the community’s happy hour. Others may instead prefer to spend a little down time relaxing before getting ready for dinner.

8. Enjoyable dining with friends

Communities make dinner special for memory care residents and offer once again the chance to share their days with the other residents and staff. Including assistance if needed, you’ll find special place settings, utensils and menu selections that appeal to the individual. Special dining rooms are also available for private family celebrations and events.

9. Winding down

Now is the time to begin winding down from a day full of fun and adventure. Many memory care residents find the evening hours a little more challenging and communities help by providing quiet activities such as watching a movie or listening to music together.

10. A good night’s sleep

While those living with dementia may struggle with sleep, activities and social interactions during the day can help calm the mind and prepare the body for rest. Your loved one will have assistance to get ready for bed, including any personalized routines that help create the perfect atmosphere for sleep.

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  • Daily exercise group
  • Walking club
  • Tai Chi & yoga
  • Nutritional classes
  • Library and book club
  • Museum outings
  • Artists in residence program
  • Multi-generational music
  • Genealogy Generations

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