Energy Efficiency Day – 5 Questions with Energy Experts

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Northbridge’s SeniorGreen program is committed to leaving the earth a better place for the next generation. We partner with energy and environment experts with the goal of decarbonizing all Northbridge communities.

One company helping in that effort is Perennial Renewables LLC. Our goal in working with Perennial Renewables is to provide enough solar resources to power all of our communities. To celebrate Energy Efficiency Day on October 4th, here are 5 questions from the guys at Perennial about their business, their partnership with Northbridge, and what you can do to impact climate change.

Perennial  was started by Nick Lacasse and Ryan Coughlin, and is an energy development and consulting firm that specializes in solar development and financing, renewable deal structuring, and risk management services for electricity, natural gas and fuels procurement. Energy efficiency is always top of mind.

Question 1: What is the goal of Perennial Renewables and how have you partnered with Northbridge?

Our firm allows clients to access solutions beyond solar development and energy procurement consulting to partner in ecological conservation, vehicle electrification, renewable gasses, and other business-verticals within decarbonization. We partnered with Northbridge to help decarbonize their communities by building solar arrays to power their communities. We are also exploring fleet electrification, vehicle charging and efficiency upgrades.

Question 2: What made you interested in the energy/solar business?

Ryan- I’ve always been interested in environmental and sustainable projects. Nick and I met our Freshman year of college at College of the Holy Cross during a class called, ‘The Environment and Me’. While I was working at Cambridge Associates, I saw that many large endowments and foundations were prioritizing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investments. I knew it was a great opportunity to combine the knowledge I had learned while working at Cambridge Associates with my passion for Environmental and Sustainable projects and create something that could be career building.

Nick- You could say energy is a bit of a family business, both my dad and grandfathers worked in energy and utilities. One of my grandfathers even calls Northbridge Community, Granite Hill Estates home. They have an amazing Senior Green program driven by the residents and supported by the associates. It’s been great to combine my passion for energy, family history and career with Perennial Renewables. Click here to learn about SeniorGreen at Granite Hill Estates.

Question 3: What do you see for the future of solar – both in general and specifically for senior living/Northbridge?

Decarbonizing our energy infrastructure is a big task, one that will not have a single solution. Solar is a great resource to tap into but it won’t be enough to solve the problem. To reduce greenhouse emissions we need to look at the problem from multiple angles and come up with a variety of solutions. These solutions should include: reducing energy consumption, developing energy storage (both chemical and gaseous), and new technologies to power our grid when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing.

Northbridge has been great to work with as an early adapter of solar energy, having developed two solar arrays back in 2017. They are currently in the process of building a solar portfolio to power all of their communities throughout New England. This is beneficial for the environment but also from a financial standpoint; the solar portfolio will fix and lower electric costs for Northbridge communities.

Question 4: What is one surprising fact that most people don’t know about solar power?

Enough sunlight hits the earth in one hour to power the entire world for a full year. Obviously, covering the whole world in solar panels isn’t realistic but it shows just how abundant solar energy is!

Question 5: How can an individual become more energy efficient?

Even small changes can make a big impact if we work together towards energy efficiency. Individuals can improve their home’s energy use – use LED lighting, program thermostats and improve insulation. If you have the means, opt for a renewable energy source for your home. Many regions have options for residents to buy solar, wind or geothermal power from suppliers.

If you want to learn more about Ryan, Nick and Perennial Renewables LLC, be sure to check out their website – click here!

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