Celebrating Men’s Health Month – Brews, Billiards, Woodworking and more! 

Men's Health Month - The Importance of Providing Purpose and Creating a Sense of Belonging for Men as they Age

Men’s Health Month – The Importance of Providing Purpose and Creating a Sense of Belonging for Men as they Age

As with most things, assisted living as had to adjust, adapt and update to stay relevant in an everchanging world. A few examples that we’ve seen are the arrival of dedicated Alzheimer’s neighborhoods and communities moving to an open dining plan vs. dedicated meal seatings. We also see this when it comes to an increase in men’s programming to better support men’s health initiatives within assisted living.

Similar to most of the population, seniors want things to be catered around their specific needs, wants and interests. This is where our programming teams have had to get creative with developing Program Calendars that incorporate the varied interests of all residents, including men.

In June we celebrate National Men’s Health Month and we know that being healthy means more then getting a clean bill of health from your doctor. It’s having an active social life, exercising on a regular basis, eating healthy and having a community of people to relate to.

For some men, when they find themselves making the move into an assisted living community – life might not be look how they planned it. Maybe a spouse passed away, maybe their was a change in health, maybe there was a relocation to be closer to family.

When they find themselves adjusting to life in assisted living- going to programs, eating in the dining room and going on trips, they might have thoughts like:

“I wish my wife had experienced this” or “my wife would have loved this”

So how do we support men who are either grieving the loss of a loved one or the loss of a lifestyle they once knew? Scheduling engaging programs tailored to their interests and promoting men’s health is a great place to start!

We want to be sure that there are programs on the monthly calendar that are specifically designed for the men of the community. These are programs that they want to do, not just something to do.

At Northrbidge our communities are constantly developing new and engaging programming designed for men.

Check out a few favorite programs our communities incorporate to promote men’s health:

  • Granite Hill Estates: pool, putting green, corn hole, horseshoes, nature walks, current events, trivia. The men’s group at Granite Hill Estates has about 15-25 residents that meet each Saturday for chats.
  • Stroudwater Lodge: Grill and Chill- this is run by the Culinary Director where fun and different foods are tried out on the grill. Some favorites have been – pizza, wings and pineapple.
  • Laurelwood at The Pinehills: Men’s workshop- this is a favorite at Laurelwood where men get together for hands on projects. Some of their recent projects have been- planters, a Christmas train, and small pieces of furniture.
  • Autumn Glen at Dartmouth: Woodworking and Billiards & Brews have been resident favorites for the men at Autumn Glen. Residents work together to sand and paint wooden pieces of décor and small pieces of furniture. For Avita memory care residents there are ‘Handyman Boxes’ for one on one programming. In these boxes are sandpaper, small wooden crate for sanding, nuts & bolts, screws, a piece of wood, basic tools to fasten and unfasten and a Home Depot how to book. These ‘Handyman Boxes’ allow male residents to partake in purposeful and productive activities.
  • Avita of Newburyport: a Veteran Agent comes in once a month to have coffee with the men’s club. Other activities include: pizza & beer, fishing, and a trip to the local brewery for a tour and tasting. Recently the men’s club was able to take a trip to a local airport and get up close and personal with planes thanks to the Plum Island Radio Flyers.

All residents, male or female, have the desire to feel purpose and belonging  as they age. While it may be a little more challenging to encourage men to join in on group programs, once they do it can be so beneficial. Developing those friendships and discovering commonalities is a great way to find community and a sense of belonging.

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