6 Tips for an informative and positive LGBTQ+ Talk With Your Family

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As we celebrate Pride month we put a spotlight on equality, protecting human rights, understanding, acceptance and increased visibility for LGBTQ+ individuals. As with all celebrations, Pride month has a history – one that older adults may not be aware of. Before we ask for understanding and acceptance from our mom, dad, grandparent, or any senior in your life, we need to create the space for discussion, learning and growth.

Here are 6 tips for facilitating the LGBTQ+ conversation:

  1. Make it relatable: People are more likely to understand a topic if it is made relatable to them. One topic that may make the LGBTQ+ community relatable for residents is Ageism. Ask if your loved one has ever been denied opportunity because of their age? Ever been forced to retire or leave a job either for early retirement or a lack of skills? Invite them to share their personal experiences before drawing similarities to discrimination faced by members of the LGBTQ+ community.
  2. Focus on Love: Make sure the conversation stays positive. Focus on equality and the importance of protecting all human rights, talk about the importance of being able to love who you chose.
  3. Time: Realize that understanding will take time and most likely multiple conversations. Start with acknowledgement but remember there is a difference between acknowledgement and understanding. It will take more than one discussion for understanding to take place.
  4. Personal Experience: once you’ve created a safe space for discussion, talk about real life, personal experiences. Does your loved one have friends, family, children or grandchildren that belong to the LGBTQ+ community? Allow them to share their journeys, maybe invite some of them to be part of the discussion.
  5. Growth: Remember that for everyone understanding of the topic will vary so growth will look different. This could be a very new concept to one person while someone else has already been involved in the community. No matter where your loved one starts, celebrate the growth and understanding that you help them achieve.
  6. Respect: This is a very personal subject so make sure to set ground rules around the conversation. All opinions and stories shared must be respected. You want to create a safe and open space where questions are welcomed but remain respectful in nature.

If you don’t feel comfortable leading a discussion like this, ask if there is someone in your family or friend group who is. Involving others with personal experience will allow for more authentic storytelling and may lead to better understanding. If you know someone who is willing to share their story, let them. Sometimes the best way to explain the power of love and being able to love who you chose is to hear it firsthand as a love story, another thing your loved one can relate to!

At all Northbridge Communities throughout New England we’re working to create inclusive residences where all residents, families, associates and visitors can feel welcome to be themselves. We hope this post will be helpful.

Click here to watch our Pride Presentation – Pride: Love is Love 

Looking for a Pride celebration in your area? We’ve compiled a list of Pride activities throughout the month of June in New England:

Hartford Pride – June 1
Pride in the Hills – June 5
West Hartford Pride – June 24

Hallowell Pride Alliance – June 3
Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce – June 1-4
Pride Aroostook, Pride Portland, Rockland Pride – June 17
Bangor Pride – June 24

South Coast:
New Bedford Pride & South Coast Pride – June 3
Fall River Pride – June 4
Taunton Pride Festival – June 10
North Shore:
Hamilton, Salem and Wenham Pride Flag Raising – June 1
Marblehead Pride, Newburyport Pride – June 2-4
North Shore Pride – June 22-25
South Shore:
Provincetown Pride – June 2-4
Quincy Pride Festival – June 4
Cape Cod Pride – June 22
Plymouth Pride – June 25
Arlington Pride, Belmont Pride – June 17
Lesbian Nightlife Pride – June 3-11
Boston Pride for the People, Road of Rainbows – June 9
Boston Urban Pride – June 29-July 3

New Hampshire:
Queen City Pride – June 18
Nashua Pride Festival, Portsmouth Gay Pride – June 24

Click here to watch our Pride Presentation – Pride: Love is Love 

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