4 Senior Safety Tips for Winter

Learn safety tips to keep seniors safe this winter

In New England it doesn’t feel like Winter until that first big snow storm hits, and it seems Winter has come early for many parts of the region. This means that the days are short, the temperatures are cold and we need to be checking in on care and safety of the seniors in our life.

Checking in this Winter – Senior Safety

1. How often to check in

If a senior in your life is living at home alone it’s important to check in on them as often as possible. Make sure that you are checking in on their physical health as well as their mental and emotional health. Cold weather tends to keep people indoors and less social interaction can lead to social isolation. 

Northbridge resource: click here to read our blog on the difference between loneliness and social isolation to learn more. 

2. Transportation – are Mom or Dad still driving?

If you know mom or dad will be driving frequently make sure their car is safe in the snow. It might be beneficial to look into getting them snow tires and having a neighbor come help clear off their car or shovel it out if necessary. 

If mom or dad do not feel comfortable driving in the snow- do they have reliable transportation to get around? There are programs to help seniors with transportation when they are no longer able to drive themselves. One program in the Boston area is The Ride. Click here for more information

3. Home Conditions

When checking in there are a few things you should be mindful of: temperature, fall hazards, emergency preparedness, ice/snow removal. You want to make sure all rooms being used in the house are warm, there is ample lighting to prevent falls, supplies incase of a power outage and someone to shovel after a snowstorm. 

4. Food

It’s important to check expiration dates for all foods in the house and make sure there are some healthy options available. We all love a hearty soup in the Winter but fresh vegetables and a balanced diet are important for overall health. Also make sure that mom/dad are safe to be cooking on their own. 

If you’re considering senior living for yourself or a family member, we hope you’ll visit one of our communities. You’ll find a maintenance-free, activity-filled and engaging lifestyle to help support your wellness goals.

You’ll also discover many benefits in a Northbridge Senior Living community, including our Signature Program S.T.A.R. Club (Sharp Thinking, Active Residents) – which offers our residents several activities to participate in with others, including:

  • Daily exercise group
  • Walking club
  • Tai Chi & yoga
  • Nutritional classes
  • Library and book club
  • Museum outings
  • Artists in residence program
  • Multi-generational music
  • Genealogy Generations

If you are considering senior living as the right choice for yourself or a loved one, we invite you to Find a Northbridge Community near you to learn more.

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